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Make Your Contribution Count for • you • me • we takes the reader on a journey on how to live your most meaningful life by consciously contributing to society—sustainably.

An evolutionary journey inspired by the wisdom of pioneering African women.

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Make Your Contribution Count for • you • me • we takes the reader on a journey on how to live your most meaningful life by consciously contributing to society—sustainably.

Create a Social Impact in your community and beyond

You yearn to make a difference in others’ lives. You feel the call to throw your wisdom, energy, and time into a cause, social enterprise, or not-for-profit. You want to give.

Have you considered your giving may be hurting, not helping?

In the West, we want to fix, and the tools to repair social, economic, and environmental issues are often unconsciously selected by the ego, rather than what will benefit the whole. The strategies to correct the injustices of our time are lived by leaders who make their contribution count—every day.

Make your contribution count imports pioneering African women’s guidance to navigate how the West can integrate African cultural ethos, where we takes precedence over me. Pioneers who have endured many unimaginable circumstances harness their feminine energy to transform how to lead, contribute, consume, and structure organizations to have a social impact in their communities and beyond—sustainably.

Be transported through 17 African countries and 70 interviews along with the author, Suzanne F. Stevens and her husband, Michael K. Gingerich as they backpack through a timely social evolution. Through real-life adventures, international research findings, practical strategies, and reflective questions, the author will take you on a journey where:

  • Your contribution awareness will be heightened locally and abroad
  • You will explore strategies on how to tap into your purpose to maximize your meaning
  • You will discover tools to lead conscious-contributions™ — sustainably

Collaboratively we can address the social, economic, and environmental issues of our time — we all have a role to play.


“Suzanne takes the reader on an inspiring global journey where she shares strategies on how to activate your purpose, harness your mission, and lead at home or abroad a social, economic, and environmental initiative. A message for anyone who wants to impact society consciously and sustainably.”
Aaron Hurst, Author of the Purpose Economy

“Unforgettable true stories and adventures await you on these pages as you learn how conscious-contributions™ can change your organization, and ultimately the world.

The wisdom of African women leaders together with Suzanne’s inquisitive, insightful, and meaningful deep dive into how to create a sustainable social impact will motivate you to take action in your own community or business. As an NFP leader, you will gain insight into cultivating the opportunities that will lead to the growth of a successful organization.

If you are in the for-profit or not-for-profit world and seeking some inspiration — read this book!”
Susan Slezak Kawa, BScPT, MA
Executive Director of charitable, NFP organization for 20 years

“Make your contribution count for you. me. we” had to be written by a woman. It questions the very foundations upon which we build perceptions of “you” and “me” in a safe and inclusive dialogue that also calls for accountability. In Humility and vulnerability, Suzanne opens up to invite in the wisdom that is gained from diversity. Against the prejudice of prevailing culture, by acknowledging the contributions African women are making to solving the world’s common challenges, Suzanne harnesses the power in “you” and “me” to create a courageous new reality of “we,” where all things are possible, and nothing can stop us.”
Modesta Mahiga-Mbughuni, a multi-leadership award recipient, named One of Africa’s ‘Movers and Shakers’, Author, Speaker, and Africa Human Capital Expert

“Now more than ever we need to look to cultures who live connected in communities with a spirit of reciprocity, love and caring. Join Suzanne’s storytelling tour to meet inspiring leaders who impart wisdom from the ages. You’ll find insights to help you design how you will make your contribution in this one amazing life we are gifted.”
Vicki Saunders, SheEO Founder

“This book is a fantastic read whether you are leading a not-for-profit, social enterprise, or for-profit company. Those of us in the West tend to have the attitude that we need to “teach” others; this book is refreshing in sharing what we can learn.

The inspiring lessons from Suzanne and the accomplished African leaders will ignite your ambition to do good while doing good work to ensure that your contribution counts. As an entrepreneur, I especially valued the messages surrounding conscious leadership and collaboration – that we need to collaborate with a multitude of stakeholders to compete more effectively while not deviating from our mission. You will find yourself energized with a renewed focus on the positive ripple effect that you can create when you work collaboratively with others.”
Jennifer Spear, MBA, Founder of Clean Slate Strategies, Keynote Speaker and Facilitator

“Suzanne F Stevens demonstrates the rare ability to see Africa through African eyes, feel with an African heart, and candidly express this without losing her personal Canadian and global perspective.

Suzanne chronicles, in a vivid explosion of prose, the diverse beauty and wealth that is Africa and the immeasurable potential lying in wait when the mother continent comes into maturity. The showcase of rich African culture, norms, and practice, through her powerful women role models, however simple, however accomplished, make this my book, about my Africa, by my friend.”
Joanne Mwangi-Yelbert is an award-winning CEO and Founder of top Marketing and PR team, PMS Group Africa Ltd, a Judge and Equity Investor on Kenya’s TV show “The Lion’s Den” as well as a powerful advocate for women’s economic success.

“This powerful book is both timely and engaging for us to embrace and provide opportunities for feminine energy worldwide. Suzanne will take you to unexpected places both geographically and in shifting your contribution perspective. You will discover how to tap into your purpose and exploit it to benefit the community and incorporate a well-aligned mission into your life and career. Her captivating storytelling reminds you about the critical importance of ensuring your legacy lens is holistic, realistic, and consistent so that you will make conscious-contributions™.

This is a must-read book for any organization!”
Cate L. Collins, Powerful Journey Consulting, Leadership Mindset Mastery

“Suzanne has demonstrated that she is courageous, passionate, and determined to provide a fresh look at practical solutions and those that provide them. Through the lens of trailblazing women, she exposes how to provide support to people who are in need. She shares how to help diverse groups of people without making the beneficiaries dependent on a benefactor for their wellbeing. This book is a must-read for women or men alike, who want to uplift the life of someone, or a group, sustainably.”
Diane Tompson, President, The International Alliance for Women (TIAW)

“No matter where you are in the world, this book provides insightful tips and firsthand stories, sharing the importance of social enterprises and the power of working alongside communities to create sustainable change.”
Roxanne Joyal CEO at ME to WE

“Suzanne captures conscious driven leadership, the importance of human connection, and takes us on a masterfully written journey into the success stories of inspiring African women. Through her writing, Suzanne raises the vibration and provides us with references and an opportunity to reflect on how we can contribute consciously to our teams and our communities. Ways we can be the inspiration, make a difference, and lead with a conscious connection.”
Jen Scholte, Real Estate Broker/ Team Leader, NLP Master Coach and Past President of the Rotary Club of Collingwood South Georgian Bay

“Make Your Contribution Count is a unique and inspiring read. We all want to give and make a positive impact with our one life but figuring out just how to do that is not so easy. Through deeply inspiring interviews with female leaders in Africa, Suzanne F. Stevens helps us dig into our purposes and figure out how to put them to work in a useful, meaningful, and sustainable way. She shares our responsibility to each other and our communities, a concept that continues to fade over time in our Western culture. We often don’t know how to fulfil that need to contribute, but this book changes that.”
Shelby Taylor, Founder and CEO of Chickapea, a Certified B Corporation and Women-Owned Enterprise

About the Author

Suzanne F. Stevens, conscious-contribution™ cultivator and amplifier of social contributors’ voices. As the founder of YouMeWe Social Impact Group, Suzanne ignites leaders and entrepreneurs to make their contributions count. As a lover of travel and adventure, her most profound journey lies on these pages.

Learn about the author, Suzanne F. Stevens.

An evolutionary journey inspired by the wisdom of pioneering African women.

With every book purchased, 5% is donated to YouMeWe Foundation Fund, supporting higher education for future women leaders in Africa. Learn more about the YouMeWe Foundation Fund.

All paperback books will be signed and addressed to you by the author. Please indicate name(s) in the box above after selecting book type.

Paperback, eBook, and audiobook versions are available.

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