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Book and Basket Combo


Make Your Contribution Count for • you • me • we and YouMeWe Basket bundle.

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Book and Basket combo

Make Your Contribution Count for • you • me • we takes the reader on a journey on how to live your most meaningful life by consciously contributing to society—sustainably.

Investing in rural women

Each basket is handmade in eSwatini. Each item is as unique as the women who weave them, and the individual purchasing them. Made of sisal, a natural renewable source material. Approximate diameter is 16cm.

With a passion for excellence and respect for the earth, the remarkable women of Tintsaba create beautiful handmade products centered around the use of Sisal, a sustainable natural weed that grows wild in eSwatini. Each small basket takes 12 -15 hours to produce. Women can provide their children an education, and food with their Fair Trade earnings.

Tintsaba is renowned for refined, high-quality sisal basketry weaving, and is considered one of the top 3 weavers in the world. They have earned the reputation of being Master Weavers in Sisal.

Tintsaba creates a workplace that women grow and develop. Through various workshops ranging from leadership, skill-set development, environmental awareness, and women’s health. Tintsaba prides itself on encouraging a holistic approach to not only women’s work but also in the weavers’ daily lives.

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